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Photo Scavenger Hunt

CAPAL2017 Photo Scavenger Hunt

The CAPAL Communications Committee is excited to announce CAPAL2017’s first Photo Scavenger Hunt. Together we have created a Photo Scavenger Hunt to generate more online engagement and foster collaboration and networking amongst conference attendees (but also just to have a bit of fun and friendly competition)! Since this year’s conference will be held in Toronto at Ryerson University, we believe that it would be a great opportunity to have people explore different parts of the city while enhancing conference engagement.

The Photo Scavenger Hunt will take place over the first two days of the conference. A list of questions will be posted on CAPAL’s blog ( on May 29th to give participants time to plan their routes. People can choose to participate individually or in groups of two. The questions will be scored on a point-based system, where places that are farther away (such as University of Toronto) are worth more points.

Individuals/groups will be required to e-mail their photos in for submission at the end of the scavenger hunt (May 31st by 9:00 PM). However, please feel free to share your progress online using the hashtag #CAPAL17 and #SH (CAPAL 17 and Scavenger Hunt). This will give our online crowd the opportunity to be involved as well. The individual/group with the most points will win a prize! Prizes have been generously donated by Library Juice Press. In the event of a tie, we will do a randomized draw. The winner will be announced by the last day of the conference. Photos will only be reused by CAPAL with the permission of the owner.